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  1. Sabrina crow

    hi we now own queenie. we bought her from a lady in grimsby june 2019 with another greyhound. She advertised them for £25 for the pair so we rescued them both as they needed some love and care. she never said anything to us about her being in rescue kennels before tho all we got told is she didnt make the track.

    microchip number – 981 098106233868

    we got told she was round the age of 5.

    do you have any more details or pictures of her please and how she came to be in your care.

    • greyhoundtrustdunton

      Hi Sabrina

      Can you confirm her ear marks please both left and right, as the microchip doesn’t correspond to the dog on our records, then I can trace her.

      Thanks Katie

      • Sabrina crow

        can hardly see them but they are green Ireland ones i think it says

        right ear – QP
        left ear – EYY

        her pedigree name is Thistle Queen ( dob 2015)

      • greyhoundtrustdunton

        Ok have done some digging Thistle Queen was bred in Ireland born 9.7.15 she raced once at a place called Youghal in Co. cork Ireland on 6.1.17, and never raced again we think it looks like she may have injured herself. So I dont know what happened to her after that until you found her in Grimsby. She has never been in a greyhound Trust rehoming centre, so I can only assume she was homed direct from the trainer or another UK based charity to probably the person who sold them to you.
        But well done for taking them on if you need any help or advice with their care, please feel free to drop us an email at dunton@greyhoundtrust.org.uk Best wishes Katie

      • Sabrina crow

        thankyou for your reply. she is identical to your girl mirror image and same name. was never told she had a injury. do u know what injury she got please at all?

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