August Update

Welcome to our update for August where you can find out what we have been up to during the month.

Wow, where did the summer go! It doesn’t seem five minutes ago we were looking at the events list for the year and thinking what have we committed to (are we mad?) and here we are, in September with only four summer events to go! We will be at the Orsett Show on the 7th, the Wickford Town Carnival on the 14th, the Fobbing Family Festival and Dog Show on the 15th and the Weald Country Show at the end of the month. Hope to see you at one of the events and as always if you can spare some time to help out manning the stall or showing off your hound and chatting to people about Greyhounds, more help is always appreciated.

With autumn nearly upon us it may be time to start thinking about winter coats. We will have a selection of Greyhound apparel on our stand at the above events including some exclusive knitted dog coats. If you bring your hound along we can ensure a snug fit.

During August we attended several events as well as a couple of meet and greets at Tesco Laindon and Pets at Home Chingford. We were at the Greyhound Walks Show which is one of our favourite shows of the year. It is fantastic to see a field full of rehomed greyhounds and it’s a great chance to catch up with some of the dogs we have homed. We attended the Essex Dog Day in Hatfield Peverel on one of the hottest days of the year. Despite the heat the show was well attended and we managed to keep reasonably cool. We were also at the Paglesham Show for the first time this year and we hope it will not be the last. It is a charming old fashioned country show and the only event I can remember that served tea in a china cup and saucer. It’s a great day out if you are looking for something to do next year.

It has been another good month for rehoming with six dogs going home including some of our dogs who have been overlooked for some time. The lovely Dream our longest resident girl went home at the end of the month along with Lane one of our longest resident boys. It’s so nice to see some of our long termers finally find their homes. We wish all the hounds homed this month Bale, Toby, Benny, Mandy, Lane and Dream many happy years with their new owners.

Hopefully we will have another good month in September as Scott and Blue have already gone home and we have another two dogs reserved due to go home shortly.

And finally some of the dogs we have homed this month. We do appreciate your pictures please keep them coming.

Homed Dogs August

Team Dunton


July Update

Welcome to our update for July where you can find out what we have been up to during the month.

It has been a fantastic month for rehoming with seven dogs going home including the wonderful Pedro who had been in our kennels for nearly 600 days. He is the last dog that we brought over from our Dunton kennels to Pipps Hill to find a home. It’s great to see him finally get a family of his own. We wish all the hounds homed this month Pedro, Tori, Pip, Babs, Baby, Lark and Abby many happy years with their new owners.

Sometimes we’ve had dogs in the kennels for ages and thought ‘oh dear, we’re never going to home you’. The ones that spring to mind are Missouri with his long term lameness, Pedro and Happy with their long term health conditions and Wanda, who was just Wanda! We’re delighted to say that each time we’ve been proved wrong. It just goes to show that the right person is out there for each and every dog; it’s just a matter of finding them!

This month sees us exceed 50 dogs homed for the year which is a tremendous achievement. Our thanks to all who have made this possible, it’s a great team effort. If you would like to get involved we could always use extra help especially at events.
We have attended a number of events this month including the EHPPS dog show last weekend. What was really striking at the show was the amount of Greyhounds there. It’s fantastic to see that the word is getting out and people are realising what great dogs they are.

August is traditionally a slow month for homing but we have 4 dogs reserved due to go home during the month so fingers crossed for another great month to come. We’ll be attending the Greyhound Walks Show on 11th August and the Essex Dog day on 25th August; hopefully we can generate some interest in our hounds at these events.

And finally some pictures sent to us this month.


Team Dunton

May Update

Welcome to our update for May where you can find out what we have been up to during the month.

We have had a great start to the show season attending the Shotgate Park Funday, the Weald Country Show, the Dogs Trust show, the Essex Wildlife Trust at Belfairs Park and Greyhound Extravaganza in Newmarket during the month. These events are really important to us as they are a fantastic way of getting people interested in homing our hounds. If you would like to help out either manning the stall or promoting the greyhounds please contact us. We can always do with more help. Please have a look at our Roadshow page on this website which has a list of the events we have booked this year.

It has been another busy month at the kennels. We have had prospective new owners coming to look at our dogs and new volunteer walkers as a direct result of meeting us at events which proves how important it is to get our dogs in front of the public.

A highlight of this month is that Pedro who has been in our Kennels for over 500 days has been reserved. He has seen so many kennel mates go home and it is finally his turn. We will really miss Pedro as he is a lovely hound.

Homing has been good this month with Pablo, Camilla, Queenie, Ree, Pip and the wonderful Wanda all off to their new homes. We wish them and their new owners many happy years together.

Team Dunton.

April Update

Welcome to our update for April where you can find out what we have been up to during the month.

Our website has been updated to show all the events calendar booked so far for this year. As ever many hands make light work and we always have an enjoyable time at events. If you would like to help out either manning the stall or promoting the greyhounds please contact us. We can always do with more help.

We start the new show season this weekend with a busy weekend. We will be at the Weald Country show on Sunday and Monday. We will also be at the Shotgate Park  Funday on Sunday.

If we thought March was busy April topped it and then some! We have been exceptionally busy at the kennels with prospective new owners coming to view our hounds and we are especially pleased to welcome some new volunteer walkers to the branch. Our regular walkers do a fantastic job week in week out not only exercising the dogs but also getting them used to being handled by lots of different people. It makes such a difference when they meet prospective new owners as they are confident and friendly around new people.

We are delighted to report that Missouri is a failed foster as he has now been adopted by his foster family. I believe Missouri has Tim and Chris trained and we wish them well for the future.

Sadly we had Scott and Dream returned after a few days as it did not work out for their new owners. We will now be looking for an experienced sighthound owner for them.

On the bright side as well as Missouri we have homed Porsche, Adriel, Amelia, Kyle, Mindy, Lady, Sparkle, Boycie and Jarvis this month making this the best month for homing since we rebranded at the beginning of last year. That represents half the dogs we have available in kennels. Don’t worry we have some exceptional new hounds recently arrived including Pablo and Colin, two lovely boys who will melt your heart.

We have to say a big thank you to our unsung heroes Maggie and her team for doing such a good job looking after our hounds. We have had several people recently remark on their lovely condition.

Finally some pictures we have been sent this month of our recently homed dogs.


Team Dunton.

March Update

Welcome to our update for March where you can find out what we have been up to during the month.
We have a very full events calendar booked for this year. We will be attending events most weekends starting at the beginning of May. If you would like to help out at events either manning the stall or promoting the greyhounds please contact us. We can always do with more help.

March has flown by. We have had a busy time at the kennels with our most unlucky dog Ren finally finding her forever home at the fourth time of trying. She had been returned within days of being homed three times through no fault of her own. We contacted Steel, who was successfully adopted last year, and he agreed that his devoted staff, John and Cath, could also adopt Ren. They are now all happily settled.
Returnee Lily was also successfully rehomed after being returned to kennels. Her new family love her and we wish them all the best.
We sent Sam to be fostered last month and we are really pleased that he has been adopted by his foster family. We love it when we get failed foster!

Our gentle giant Missouri is also out on foster and we are all crossing our fingers that this will translate into a permanent home for him.

Spider, Peppi and Jasmine have also gone to their forever homes. We go into April with five hounds reserved all of which are due to go home next weekend.

We love to get pictures of our hounds showing us how they are getting on. Here are two from this month.


February 2019

Welcome to our update for February where you can find out what we have been up to during the month. If you would like to get involved with Meet and Greets, help out at events or walk our dogs at the kennels please contact us. We can always do with more help.

February has been another busy month for the branch. One of the standout moments for us was placing Missouri in to a foster home. He has been in kennels for well over a year and really deserves some home comforts.

Our walking field became very soggy at the beginning of the month. Thanks to everyone who helped spreading tree bark in the wet bits. The recent couple of dry days has allowed the field to recover a little but if you are coming to the kennels to walk the dogs it is advisable to be prepared for a soggy field, especially if we get any further heavy rainfall.

We had a great time at the Tesco Rainham meet and greet. We met some lovely people some of whom came to the kennels to look at our dogs and we gained some help with walking the hounds. As a result of the meet and greet we have several dogs reserved which is fantastic.

Homing has been great this month with Marley, Sky, Brienne, Thirsty, Racer, Sue and Amelia going to their forever homes. Ren was homed briefly but came back to us through no fault of her own. With 7 dogs homed, February almost equals the best month we had last year for homing which is a fabulous start to the year. Missouri and Sam have gone to foster homes, hopefully we will have good news about them shortly. We go into March with four hounds reserved, fingers crossed for another good month.

We love to get pictures of our hounds showing us how they are getting on. Here are some from this month.


Team Dunton

January 2019

Welcome to our first monthly update where you can find out what we have been up to during the month. If you would like to get involved with Meet and Greets, help out at events or walk our dogs at the kennels please contact us. We can always do with more help.

We ended the old year with two of our black boys, Toby and Sparky, going to their new homes which was a great way to see out the old year. We wish them many happy years in their new homes.

The branch has had a fantastic start to 2019. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the Tesco meet and greets. Not only were the customers extremely generous with their donations, a lot of them expressed interest in the dogs and as a result several have been reserved. A great team effort.

Katie, our lead volunteer was nominated for the GBGB Founders award for services to Greyhounds. She made the final three which was a fantastic. The Founders Award was won by Lynn & Geoff Pearce of Greyhound Trust, Cornwall Branch. Our congratulations to them. We’re still thrilled that Katy, Maureen and Tom were in the final three. Well done to everyone, it was a great achievement to get there.
Looking forward to the events this year we are starting to get dogs coats knitted for sale on our stall. We have had a number of offers to knit them for us. It looks like we are starting a cottage industry!

During the month of January we saw Leo and Lily going to new homes. We start February with Marley on his way to his new home. A great start to the year as January is usually a quiet month for us.

There has been a lot of interest in the dogs this month and as we move into February we have Sky, Ren, Sue and Brienne reserved. Once home checks have been done they will hopefully go home in the next few weeks.

Whilst we do our best to ensure the kennel dogs get their daily walks, there are occasions when we have to cancel due to bad weather. If you are a volunteer walker it’s worth checking our Facebook page before you set off for the kennels as we’ll announce any cancellations there. We’ll also send out a text to people if we cancel. If you are not receiving these texts please contact us with your mobile phone number so we can include you.

Team Dunton

December 2018

The Gang loWhat a year it has been for the Dunton branch of the Greyhound Trust. A year ago with the retirement of Pat our lead volunteer the branch looked as if it was going to close. A number of volunteers decided to keep the branch going with Katie taking on the lead volunteer role.

From a standing start at the beginning of 2018 we had new promotional material made, new gazebos to use at shows, rebranded t-shirts etc. and a new website all in time for the first events in March.

Thanks to the huge effort from our volunteers we have attended record number of events and meet and greets this year, relaunching our contact details on the unsuspecting public who did not know a greyhound was an essential addition to their lives………….. until they met us.

There was a great deal of uncertainty around our kennelling at Dunton as the property had been sold. Maureen and Tom wanted to retire in the spring but they agreed to continue running the kennels until autumn. Much to everyone’s relief new kennelling was found at Pipps Hill. We have now settled in and have a great working relationship with Maggie and John.

Throughout what was an uncertain year we were still homing our greyhounds. This year we have homed over 60 of our hounds which is a fantastic result. Many thanks to all who helped us achieve this tremendous number.

A big thank you goes out to all our volunteers. If you’ve stood in the freezing cold rattling a tin, helped out at a show, arranged a meet and greet, walked our kennel dogs, fostered or run a fundraising event – bring your right hand to your left shoulder and give yourselves a pat on the back. We couldn’t do it without you and all help is gratefully received.

Special thanks go to Summerhill Garden Centre, Swallow Aquatics, Tesco, Morrisons, Pets at Home, Hanging Gardens Nursery, Riverside Garden Centre and Greenbrook Garden Centre for allowing us to hold collections/meet and greets on their premises. As well as collecting money, these meet and greets are so valuable in introducing our dogs to the public and generating interest in retired greyhounds as pets.

Many thanks also to the splendid folk at Greyhound Walks who supplied new winter coats for our kennel dogs – they are lovely coats and the dogs look so smart and cosy in them.

Looking forward to next year we hope to concentrate on homing even more hounds with your continued support.

Have a great new year,

Team Dunton